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 Want to Sell your book or DVD via Safari Press?

We often get requests to resell a book or DVD from other publishers or authors. Safari Press is one of the world’s largest direct sellers of big-game hunting and sporting firearms books.  Its website is visited by thousands of unique visitors each month and we ship books throughout the world from Argentina to Zimbabwe and all countries in-between. Below are our guidelines.


We accept books from other publishers if these are non-fiction books on big-game hunting, sporting firearms, or bird shooting.  We do not accept books beyond this realm. Specifically we do not accept books on AK47s and other military type semi-automatics, books on self-defense, nor do we accept books of military or law enforcement nature.

If you have a book that you think is suitable to be sold on the SP web site, please send a copy to the address below. If you have a hard cover as well as a soft cover edition, be aware that our client base prefers hard cover books. Please do NOT send a quantity of books until you have written approval from us to do so. Quantities of books sent unapproved will be donated to charity and will not be returned.

If accepted, we will ask you to send us a quantity to get it listed. Books must be sent to us free of freight charges. We will sell your book for you and remit 50% of the retail price every calendar quarter.  Statements with payment are sent 30 April, 30 July, 31 Oct, and 28 Feb.  If we need more books we will contact you. 

Either the publisher/author or SP has the right to terminate the program after one year with 90-day notice.  All books left over in the SP warehouse and a final accounting with payment will be sent at that point.


We accept DVDs on big-game hunting only, nothing else.  If you have a DVD that you think is suitable, send a copy to the address below.  The terms and conditions are the same as for books.

Safari Press
Attn:  New Products
15621 Chemical Lane, Bldg B
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1506, USA