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All-Time Best Hunting Books To Read

This is a list of books that are simply great reads.  This list is based on a consensus of opinions from Diana Rupp (editor in chief of Sports Afield), Ludo Wurfbain (publisher of Safari Press), other book dealers, and hundreds of Safari Press customers who have emailed and written us over the years. Note that this is not a list favoring any publisher and (at least in the main list) we have EXCLUDED Safari Press original titles to make sure there was no bias.  (We have included books SP has reprinted but hey, can you blame us for that?  We try to bring the reader what we think is good.)  This list is tilted toward big-game hunting simply because we read more big-game books than anything else, but we have included other subjects.  This list is one of pure hunting narrative only so excluded are technical books on firearms and ballistics, books on shooting techniques, and how-to books of any kind.

Our all-time favorites, in alphabetical order:

Annabel/Hunting and Fishing in Alaska 

Annabel/Tales of a Big Game Guide

Bell/Karamojo Safari

Bell/Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter

Capstick/Death in the Long Grass

Corbett/Man Eaters of Kumaon

Corbett/Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

Demidoff/After Wild Sheep in the Altay and Mongolia

Gates/Trophy Hunter in Asia

Hemingway/Green Hills of Africa

Hill/Sunlight & Shadows

Hornaday/Camp-Fires in the Canadian Rockies


Keith/Hell I Was There

Marshall/Heart of the Hunter and Shikar and Safari (revised, expanded)

Maydon/Big Game Shooting in Africa

Mellon/African Hunter

Millais/A Breath From the Veldt

Ruark/Horn of the Hunter

Ruark/The Old Man and the Boy

Ruffer/The Big Shots

Taylor/Maneaters & Marauders

Woodworth/Kodiak Bear

If original Safari Press books were included, we would add:

Annabel/Adventure is My Business

Braden/As I Look Back

Nyschens/Months of the Sun

Wessels/Strange Tales from the African Bush

And here are our favorite hunting-related short stories:

Ford/The Road to Tinkhamtown

Hemingway/The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber

Connell/The Most Dangerous Game