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Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game Note Book

by Rowland Ward

Around World War I, Rowland Ward started including a Note Book inserted in a rear pocket of each copy of Records of Big Game.  Meant to be taken along in the field, the Note Book fits in a shirt pocket, and the covers are made from high-quality dirt- and moisture-resistant paper. The Note Book makes it easy to record your hunting successes in columns labeled Date, Locality, Species, Measurements, and Remarks.  This handy field journal is available once again with the 30th edition of Records of Big Game. Take a copy with you on your next hunt, and once you return from your trip, place it back in the pocket of your copy of Records of Big Game to remind you of your happiest days afield.  Note each HARDCOVER of Records of Big Game 30th edition is sold with one copy of the Note Book in a custom-made rear pocket. We are also offering loose supplemental copies.

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Beyond the Mountains

by Bela Hidvegi

The author is likely Hungary's most prominent international hunter and is often seen at hunting conventions around the world. He has hunted throughout much of Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Asia, but then so have many others. What makes this book interesting are the personal anecdotes: How he bailed himself out time and again from tricky situations like being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no chance of transport out for days or his scrapes with... Read More

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The Perfect Shot (poster)

by Kevin Robertson

If you loved The Perfect Shot: Shot Placement for African Big Game by Kevin "Doctari " Robertson, youll want to have the poster that goes along with it... Read More

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Safari Press Limited Catalog

by Safari Press

Safari Press was started in 1985, and since that time it has produced nearly two hundred titles, resulting in hundreds of thousands of books in print. But of all of those, the Safari Press limited editions are the most sought after and have generated the greatest excitement. These beautifully designed, handcrafted limited... Read More

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A Hunter's Guide to Aging Lions in Eastern & Southern Africa

by Karyl Whitman and Craig Packer

In recent years, the population numbers of the wild African lion have become a cause of concern. These large cats are under increasing pressure from habitat destruction and livestock owners. Antihunters have used this as an opportunity to try to shut down lion hunting, a move that would make the survival chances of the wild African lion much worse. In an effort to promote responsible and sustainable harvests of older male lions, Conservation Force has asked Safari Press to publish this field guide. Designed with a lay-flat binding, it is intended to be taken on a lion hunt... Read More
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