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Beyond the Mountains

by Bela Hidvegi

The author is likely Hungary's most prominent international hunter and is often seen at hunting conventions around the world. He has hunted throughout much of Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Asia, but then so have many others. What makes this book interesting are the personal anecdotes: How he bailed himself out time and again from tricky situations like being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no chance of transport out for days or his scrapes with... Read More

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Life-Size Buffalo Target

by Sable Trail Productions

Finally, here is a long-lasting, life-size African Cape buffalo target that you can use again and again. Made from durable materials, it even comes with three self-adhesive shoulder patches so that you can replace...see details for shipping information... Read More

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Safari Guide 2007-2008 (Sc)

by Peter Flack (editor)

Have you ever wondered how to import your firearm to Africa? Do you know how many firearms you are allowed to take? What about ammunition? What inoculations are recommended for what country? Have you researched the hunting blocks in the countries you want to visit on your next safari? What animals can be legally hunted in each country? Do you know what the official trophy fees are in... Read More

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Safari Press Limited Catalog

by Safari Press

Safari Press was started in 1985, and since that time it has produced nearly two hundred titles, resulting in hundreds of thousands of books in print. But of all of those, the Safari Press limited editions are the most sought after and have generated the greatest excitement. These beautifully designed, handcrafted limited... Read More

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