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Praise for Safari Press

The following comments are unsolicited comments written by customers who have bought and read our books. These are not extracts from reviews and these are not prompted or asked for by us in anyway.


the finest book publishing company in the business

Guy J. Sagi, Editor in chief of: Game Trails, Mule Deer Chronicle & Outdoor Editor of Arizona


"world's current leading publisher of hunting books."

Pierre van der Walt, editor for Safari Times Africa


“a really wonderful hardbound book”

Regarding: Great Hunters Vol III
Ingeborg Strasser, Secretary to H.S.H. Rodrique Prince of Arenberg of Switzerland


“What a pleasure it was to read about the Africa we all love when written with such good grammar.  It is certainly a book that I loved reading and would recommend to all who are into Africa”

GC of New Jersey


“I find your books very interesting and enjoyable reading and I am very pleased to be associated with you.”

Regarding Out in the Midday Shade by York
DR of Australia


“It is Superb”

Regarding: Hunting the Big Five by Hurt
PDW of South Africa


“You and your organization have made my day!”

WJB of North Carolina


“I’m writing to tell you how much my 8th grade homeroom class enjoys reading your company’s books” “thank you for your excellent and, more importantly, interesting and entertaining work”

GC Young of Gordon A Bailey Middle School, Texas


“one of the best written, most entertaining books on the African bush which I have read in recent years”

“I was particularly impressed with the editing which has gone into this book.  There are few of the all-to-common misspellings, misidentification of photographs, etc. which one often runs into in this genre.”

Regarding: Months of the Sun by Nyschens
CS Minnesota


“This is one of the best, most refreshing books I’ve ever read.”

Regarding:  Backtracking by Taylor


“I am enjoying it immensely”

Regarding:  American Hunting Rifles by Boddington
DE of Wisconsin


“I think you and your staff did an excellent job on everything about it” “Details as this are those which indicate the prestige of a company”  “thank you very much by your good work and your fine books that we fill with pride in our libraries.”

JB of Spain


“You do us a great service by bringing back many of the fine writers of years past and preserving a key part of our heritage.” “It is as good as Capstick or Corbett.  Mr. Carr is a fine hunter and tells his story honestly and well.”

CDH of Pennsylvania


“ I’m sure that many of your customers like myself appreciate books like “Hunting Adventures of Me & Joe by Prothero.  Please make more of these available.”

JS of North Carolina


“ Thank you for placing my book in plastic first, that was wonderful because the box was soaked through but my book was safe”

Customer unknown


“Thank you for expediting my order so quickly and efficiently.”

LPJD of Australia


“Christmas 1994 I received Boddington’s Safari Rifles.  I never leave town without it.  I spend 13-23 days a month on the sea.  This book has helped pass many a stormy night.  Craig Boddington has done an absolutely remarkable job, not only in his research, but in his ability to capture and harness the readers zenth of attention.  Keep up the classy work

JRM of Canada


“I would like to thank the woman who took the order for her patience and pleasantness.”

RCS of Mexico


“Feeling very happy I express my satisfaction, respect & admiration for your consistency.”

Regarding replacement of a defective book.
DCS of Greece


“where could I sell African books to East Texas Whitetail hunters?” and says “I sold half of my order in the first two days”

A Texas book dealer writes after a 2000 Shot show.  


“You have the most beautiful books.. Books which can’t be found anywhere else”

“I have never seen anybody else pack a book as neatly and so carefully as you do.  I have never had one of your books damaged.”

You take pride in what you do and you give the customer the best deal possible.”

ET of Canada


“You have an excellent service indeed and I appreciate that very much.”

EH of Sweden


“Within minutes of the pages having fallen out of the book, I phoned Safari Press to inquire about a replacement text and was told that a replacement copy would be sent to me and that U.P.S. would drop by my house to pick up the damaged text for return to Safari Press.”

“Keeping in mind that my phone conversation took place around 2:15pm est., imagine my shock when before 10:00am est. the next morning, UPS delivered to my house the replacement copy, less than twenty hours had elapsed since my phone call.  NOW THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!”

JTC of Ohio


“I have been positively surprised by your letter which, I must confess, did not expect to receive so promptly.”

“Have been again surprised by your decision to issue a “Gift Certificate” in my favor.  Such action shows indeed your full commitment in pursuing “customer satisfaction” as a priority objective in your organization.”

EA of Italy


“I grew up reading Safari Press books and have considered the rhino print the hallmark of fine publications”

“That he intents to share the fine books that Safari Press has preserved with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.”

JJ of Arizona


“In this day of highly impersonal and non-customer focused companies your reply was a breath of freshness and you have guaranteed that I will be a customer for life.”

JR of Florida


“Someone once said that when you read a book, keep one eye on the author.  I do and did.  You admitted lack of knowledge or experience when proper to do so.  You admitted errors and gave much credit to the knowledge and experience of the professional hunters in Africa.  To me this approach to your writing smacks of truth and good character in the author, and I appreciate it.”

Regarding Safari Rifles by Craig Boddington.
Customer Name Unknown


“In closing, I want to compliment you and your staff on a very high degree of efficient, courteous service.  I have been a regular customer of Safari Press for several years and I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Regarding the reprinting ofBig Game Rifles and Cartridges
By Taylor
CWM of Canada


“I read your book almost without stopping and thank you for saving some of those fine stories that reveal more about the history and cultures of New Mexico in an earlier time.”

Harper Bookstore of New Mexico


“I am writing to express my appreciation and satisfaction with your service, World Wide Hunting Books /Safari Press.”

“I am pleased to finally have access to a firm that specializes in these books, and I hope to continue doing business with you in the future.

KE of New York


“I’ve just finished (not true; I’ll never finish…) Safari Rifles and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.”

“In my vast collection of gun books there aren’t any that combine such a mass of fine, first-hand information so well and honestly written as yours.  Your blend of modesty and knowledge is unique.”

“I probably won’t get back to Africa, but you have certainly kept the spark glowing, for which I thank you.”

Gene Hill, Field & Stream Assoc. Editor


“Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the African Country books.  What a splendid concept, and far from being a collection of “rehashed” old familiars.  A truly beautiful set, and worth every penny.”

KE of New York


“This book is without question the best photographic collection on the world’s top hunters and their collections.  Some of the world’s most exquisitely detailed and designed rooms have been photographed in full color and reproduced here.”

Larry Myhre, The Sioux City Journal