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My Book of Hunts
by You

2019 Long Beach, 196pp, color photos, 8.5x11, hard cover with dust jacket.

Have you been on some exciting hunts in Africa, North America, or Asia and would like to leave a legacy for your relatives?  Would you like to produce a book to share with your friends during the next Xmas season? A book of your exciting hunts would make a unique gift as well as being a lasting legacy. 

Safari Press will typeset and produce your book for you.  We have been in the hunting and sporting-firearms book-publishing business for over 35 years and have 500 titles and over 1.2 million books in print. In short, we know how to produce books.

A well-crafted book is a legacy that cannot be equaled . . . as well as a lasting gift. With our expertise, it is now easier than ever to produce a quality product, not some cheap Print on Demand softcover that looks thrown together in a high school journalism class. In the past a POD book has been an unhappy marriage between a medium-grade color printer, a glue stick, and a plastic binding spiral—all done behind a wood shed, no doubt.

In recent years new technology has perfected the ability to produce a very high-end product.  This is a book with a hardcover, a dust jacket, and printed on glossy paper.  This technology color balances all pictures for near perfect color and allows for extremely small printing runs.  How small?  Essentially you could print one copy!

In the past Safari Press has stayed away from Print on Demand projects because of the horrible production values of this process.  But after doing several pilot projects, we have now published several of these books for our clients, and they have been very pleased.  You still need a designer, editor, and graphic artist to make a truly professional-looking book, and that is where we come in. 

Safari Press will design your book, scan your pictures, color manage the digital images, graphically design the pages, clean up the text and copyedit it, and do the layout and the dust jacket.  You merely need to provide the raw materials in the form of digital text and digital photos.  We can also take printed photos or slides and scan them, which is a bit more costly. The results have been so good that even a book-industry professional will judge it to be a professional publication.

Once we have put the entire book together, you will see a proof copy before it gets printed.  We will place the book in the “cloud,” and only you can go online to order as many copies as you like.  OR, at your choice, we can make the book available for your friends to purchase!  The price per copy is not cheap, around $85.00 to $140.00 each, but the quality is superb.  As long as you do not want hundreds of copies, this is the best solution we have seen to a “self-published” book since the Internet was born.

We understand that most people would like the idea of being an “author,” but not all manuscripts can be published commercially.  In order for a project to be taken on by a publishing company, it must pass a series of commercial standards for the project to be viable. Alas, that bar is high, and over the last three decades we have rejected five to seven manuscripts for every one we’ve published.  If you’ve got a good story but are not sure you could get your manuscript accepted by a publishing house, why not give this alternative route a try?

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