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We can put together a book entirely from scratch.  Several companies and individuals have used us for this purpose including the Weatherby Foundation for whom we published their 50th year Anniversary publication.

We can help you find a writer suitable for your subject matter, procure photos, research our archives for both materials and photos, typeset, do the graphic design and have the printing done.  We have available a greater body of research materials than any other company in this field and it consist of tens of thousands of sporting magazines, thousands upon thousands of historic photos, old unpublished manuscripts as well as a sporting library of around 3500 volumes.

In case the text needs to be created it is of crucial importance that you find the type of author that is suitable for your project.  Some authors are experts on firearms, others know North American hunting like no other.  Then there are authors who are experts on sheep hunting or on Africa.  They all exist, there not many of them and some are busy but others are not.  We know the great majority of them and can team you up with an author that can write your project.

We will only undertake these type of projects if the subject matter is either big-game hunting or better quality sporting firearms because only in these fields we feel we can produce excellent products

Inquire directly at the address below.


Ludo Wurfbain

Safari Press

15621 Chemical Lane, Bldg A

Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1506, USA