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Buffalo Fully Loaded



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BuffaloFully Loaded is the latest release in Safari Classics Productions' long list of films highlighting the adventure and drama of hunting Africa's dangerous game. Over the last decade, no other animal has attracted the attention of the Safari Classics cameras, or the hunters they shadow, as has Africa's most popular dangerous game animal . . . the Cape buffalo...
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Buffalo—Fully Loaded

DVD, running time approx. 2 hrs.

Get ready for the final word, so far at least, on the ultimate buffalo-hunting marathon. There have been a number of pretty darn good African Cape buffalo hunting movies released in the past decade that ranged from the sensational to the educational. In this case it is clear to us that the producers wanted to create an "Uber Buffalo" flick to stand head and shoulders above the rest. For one their ambitions were vast: The length of the movie is very long, and the subjects covered are about as big as the continent of Africa!

The intention was to cover all five subspecies of buffalo—Cape, Nile, Central and West African savanna, and finally the diminutive dwarf buffalo, sometimes known as the bush cow. Well, in this they did not quite succeed because there is little material on the dwarf buffalo and not a lot on the other two more northerly subspecies from Uganda and the C.A.R. The West African savanna variety of northern Cameroon is fairly well covered. Because 90-percent-plus of all African buffalo hunting is for the Cape variety, this, however, becomes of secondary importance.

There is a container load of material on the Cape buffalo in this DVD—some 22 to 25 different on-camera hunts. (We lost count). These cover the country where buffalo are found; different hunting techniques; what constitutes a trophy; types of guns, bullets, and calibers; where to shoot; and the risks when hunting buffaloes. Then, finally, the DVD covers the aftermath: What happens when your buffalo is down; the long process of properly preparing the meat and the trophy; and the steps to get your trophy back home.

As well-known Zimbabwe PH Andrew Dawson says in the opening statements of this movie, "I doubt this will be the final word on the subject, but I am confident it will be entertaining and of true value to today's safari hunter." We concur.

With appearances by Andrew Dawson, Aaron Nielsen, Tim Fallon, Ivan Carter, and many others.


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