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African Hunter II

by Craig Boddington and Peter Flack (Editors)

If you're looking for the most complete overview of hunting on the African continent available today, look no further than African Hunter II. The original African Hunter was written by James Mellon, who spent five years in Africa during the late 1960s and early 1970s and spent several more years producing his masterpiece. Safari Press undertook to create an updated version of his entertaining and informative work for the modern era... Read More

The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking (Sc)

by Cleve Cheney

Tracking is an art form as well as a skilljust ask any hunter who has seen African trackers at work. But it is an art that can be taught and a skill that can be acquired. All mammals, including humans, have behavior patterns that can be learned and even anticipated. Cleve Cheney, a master at tracking both animals and humans, defines tracking as learning to use all your senses to monitor your surroundings... Read More

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Make Every Shot Count!

by J. Scott Olmsted

We all like to think we are pretty good with a rifle in the field. But we all have limits. Of course, most of us can punch holes in the ten-ring off the bench, but conditions on the range differ greatly from real life. And it's not too difficult for most of us to make an 80-yard shot from a solid rest in the field. But when that big mule deer appears at the head of the canyon 250 yards away, when your rifle is buffeted by a monster cross-wind... Read More

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