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African Hunter II

by Craig Boddington and Peter Flack (Editors)

If you're looking for the most complete overview of hunting on the African continent available today, look no further than African Hunter II. The original African Hunter was written by James Mellon, who spent five years in Africa during the late 1960s and early 1970s and spent several more years producing his masterpiece. Safari Press undertook to create an updated version of his entertaining and informative work for the modern era... Read More

The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle

by Diggory Hadoke

The boxlock is largely dismissed in shooting circles as a "trade gun"-a mid-to-low grade tool that is worthy but dull. Few people appreciate the boxlock's excellence in terms of its mechanical simplicity, reliability, and safety; this is a wonderful Victorian invention with numerous derivatives. The boxlock has been produced in greater quantities as both shotgun and rifle than any other single break-open, sporting-gun design-in all qualities-for over 130 years, and it is still going strong... Read More

A Hunter's Guide to Aging Lions in Eastern & Southern Africa

by Karyl Whitman and Craig Packer

In recent years, the population numbers of the wild African lion have become a cause of concern. These large cats are under increasing pressure from habitat destruction and livestock owners. Antihunters have used this as an opportunity to try to shut down lion hunting, a move that would make the survival chances of the wild African lion much worse. In an effort to promote responsible and sustainable harvests of older male lions, Conservation Force has asked Safari Press to publish this field guide. Designed with a lay-flat binding, it is intended to be taken on a lion hunt... Read More

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