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by Craig Boddington

In his new book, Craig gives great information on hunting “swamp buffalo” from Mozambique, and he discusses the importance of buffalo
sustainability for generations to come—the how, where, and why of looking for an aged buffalo bull with hard bosses. He also shares his experience with a true, full-blown, pressing-it-home, you-or-him buffalo charge...

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New! Available Fall 2019

Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game 30th Edn. Africa (Ltd)

by Rowland Ward

For more than two-and-a-half years the production team at Rowland Ward Ltd. has been hard at work preparing the 30th edition of its iconic Records of Big Game.  In order to create an “entirely new” record book, this one on African game animals, we decided to implement the following: We have included photos of the highest scoring heads, based upon a strict policy of ethics and aesthetics; we have made the book “user friendly” by completely reorganizing the layout of the book according to traditional methods used by naturalists and hunters as well as by biological kinship; we have created—with particular pride we might add—83 new maps featuring over 200 varieties of African game animals that illustrate accurate, current game distributions in great detail and full color; and, finally, we have completely reshaped the table of contents and index to make the search for a specific species easy to do.

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TALL TALES (Leatherbound Edn.)

by Buzz Charlton

Few people need an introduction to Buzz Charlton, made famous over the last decade with a series of elephant hunting DVDs set in Zimbabwe.  If you haven’t seen them, you should—they have the power to raise the hackles on an 800-pound dead gorilla.  Buzz is also known for shooting crop-raiding Problem Animal Control (PAC) elephants and ornery, cranky tuskless cows in the thick jesse bush of the Zambezi Valley.  This sort of hunting quickly distinguishes the men from the boys—it is definitely not for the faint of heart.   In fact, at a recent safari convention Buzz admitted to us that he was doing less of that type of hunting because he wanted to see his girls grow up.  This does not mean he has stopped going after elephants, but rather he is now concentrating his hunts along the Mozambique border for trophy bull elephants . . . as if that is a tame way to spend one’s professional career!

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Reminiscences of an Elephant Hunter (Ltd)

by W.D.M. Bell

Who was W. D. M. “Karamojo” Bell? Immediately what springs to mind is that he was one of the most famous elephant hunters of all time, but who was the man behind the legend? What was his story? How did he become this giant among elephant hunters? Now for the first time, Safari Press is releasing Bell’s complete autobiography, and with it comes the answers to all these questions.

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The Jim Corbett Collection (Ltd)

by Jim Corbett

A re-release of a classic! Jim Corbett was every inch a hero, something like a sahib Davy Crockett: expert in the ways of the jungle, fearless in the pursuit of... Read More

CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World (Ltd)

by Gerhard Damm & Nicholas Franco

This detailed and meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution ranges of wild Caprinae phenotypes in the northern hemisphere, their physical appearance, life history, conservation status, and sustainable use. The authors aim is to stimulate the resourceful involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders: policy makers who create the administrative and legislative frameworks for Caprinae conservation; researchers and taxonomists who are at work to fill knowledge gaps; public... Read More

More Safaris With Bwana Game (Ltd)

by Eric Balson

For those of you who have read Balsons book On Safari with Bwana Game, you will know that he tells an interesting story. Not only was he a PH to the rich and famous, as well as royalty and world leaders, but he also worked for years for game departments. During that time he was charged with shooting some very disagreeable wild animals, such as a hyena that had attacked a young village girl. In the... Read More

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My Wanderings Through Africa (Ltd)

by Mike Cameron with James Cameron

In South Africa, names like Coenraad de Buys, Karel Trichardt, Henry Heartly, Petrus Jacobs (110 lions, 750 elephants), Jan Viljoen, Major P. J. Pretorius, and, more recently, Nico van Rooyen, Bertie Guillaume, and Mike Cameron will often come up in discussions around the campfire. Mike was born in 1939 and grew up in the Koedoesrant (Kudu's Hill) area of the northern Transvaal. That was an era... Read More

From the Congo Basin to the Highlands of Ethiopia (Ltd)

by Steve Christenson

Sudan, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, and Liberia give new meaning to exotic and difficult safari destinations. If you want to know what its really like to battle a stifling rain forest for bongo or a blistering savanna for giant eland or a lofty moorland for mountain nyala, this is your book. Christenson also depicts an unprecedented adventure into the Red Sea Hills for Nubian ibex and a self-guided expedition to hell... Read More

Quest for Africa's Tomorrows (Ltd)

by Fred Duckworth & Elise van der Heijden

Fred Duckworths first book, beautifully illustrated with artwork by his wife, Elise, met with great success. As before, his approach is refreshing, for he seldom uses aliases for hunting clients and fellow PHs, and he recounts events as he experienced them, warts and all, without varnish. He is probably best known for his PH work in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and the Central African Republic, but he hunted elsewhere as well. You will find... Read More

Footsteps of an Ivory Hunter (Ltd)

by Ian R. Nyschens

Those who have read Months of the Sun know that Ian Nyschens's life is one of the most incredible stories ever recorded in the history of African elephant and ivory hunting. It is fair to say that no man since World War II has had a more compelling tale. Since the publication of his first book, numerous people who knew Ian have told us that not all of his incredible adventures were written... Read More

A Hunting Heritage

by A. Phillips (editor)

The Shikar-Safari Club is the oldest international hunting club in existence in North America. Its members hail from all over the world, and it can safely be said that on a per-member basis, no other club in the world has more hunting experience than these dedicated sportsmen and -women! To celebrate its 50th year, the club asked every member to contribute one big-game hunting story to this book... Read More

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The Perfect Shot II (Ltd)

by Kevin Robertson

Kevin "Doctari" Robertson's best-selling book on shot placement for African game, The Perfect Shot, has now been completely revised and updated with extensive additions to the text; 300 all-new photos of the animals covered; and revised, detailed anatomical drawings. The Perfect Shot II also has shot-placement details for a number of species not covered in the original edition, including... Read More

Africa's Greatest Tuskers (Ltd)

by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

Nothing in Africa fascinates like big elephants-or, more precisely, big-tusked elephants. And nobody in the world knows big tuskers better than Tony Sanchez-Ariño. This book lists every known elephant with at least one tusk of 130 pounds or more and tells the stories of who hunted them, who owns them, or how they were found. It is based upon three years of research, utilizing information unearthed from the archives of countless libraries, museums, professional hunting organizations, and private collections...

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Between the Congo River and the White Nile (Ltd)

by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

Between the Congo River and the White Nile are magic words to Tony Sanchez-Ariño. For him, they name a fabled part of Central Africa that has inspired his dreams of wild lands where he and other hunters and explorers had an unlimited horizon for their activities. In Tonys new book, Between the Congo River and the White Nile, he takes us to those remote corners of the old Belgian Congo (later Zaire and now DRC), Gabon, Sudan, Uganda, Ubangi-Shari (C.A.R.), and...

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The Weatherby (Ltd)

by Nancy Vokins (Editor)

For more than fifty years, the Weatherby Award has been known as the Oscar of the hunting world in recognition of the achievements of the worlds greatest hunters. From Herb Klein's first award in 1956 to Rex Baker's award in 2002, all the award winners to date have been included. The editor spent countless hours unearthing the best hunting stories from each of... Read More

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