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Reminiscences of an Elephant Hunter

by W.D.M. Bell

Who was W. D. M. “Karamojo” Bell? Immediately what springs to mind is that he was one of the most famous elephant hunters of all time, but who was the man behind the legend? What was his story? How did he become this giant among elephant hunters? Now for the first time, Safari Press is releasing Bell’s complete autobiography, and with it comes the answers to all these questions.

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CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World (Ltd)

by Gerhard Damm & Nicholas Franco

This detailed and meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution ranges of wild Caprinae phenotypes in the northern hemisphere, their physical appearance, life history, conservation status, and sustainable use. The authors aim is to stimulate the resourceful involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders: policy makers who create the administrative and legislative frameworks for Caprinae conservation; researchers and taxonomists who are at work to fill knowledge gaps; public... Read More

A Hunting Heritage

by A. Phillips (editor)

The Shikar-Safari Club is the oldest international hunting club in existence in North America. Its members hail from all over the world, and it can safely be said that on a per-member basis, no other club in the world has more hunting experience than these dedicated sportsmen and -women! To celebrate its 50th year, the club asked every member to contribute one big-game hunting story to this book... Read More
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24 items/page