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Horn of the Hunter

Robert Ruark


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Ruark's most sought-after book is back in print. In the early 1950s famous newspaper columnist Robert Ruark and his wife, Virginia, went to British East Africa (now Kenya and Tanzania) for a nine-week safari with their professional hunter Harry Selby. The three of them, along with a group of...
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The Story of an African Safari by Robert Ruark

1997 Long Beach, 315pp, 50 photos, 6x9, hardcover, dj
ISBN: 978-1-57157-023-9

In the early 1950s famous newspaper columnist Robert Ruark and his wife, Virginia, went to British East Africa (now Kenya and Tanzania) for a nine-week safari with their professional hunter Harry Selby. The three of them, along with a group of native runners, a Jeep, and an old lorry, ventured into the bush for an adventure none of them soon forgot—and neither will you!

In this book Ruark shares with you the ferocity of the wounded buffalo and the acid sweat of fear—no other book will give you the "feel" of Africa like this one can. This is what one of our readers had to say: “If you’ve ever dreamed of going on a safari in Africa, but don’t have the money or the gumption, this is about as close as you’ll come to the real thing. I’ve read a few books about safaris, hunting in Africa, etc. (like Peter Capstick), but this is what I always imagined it would really be like. If you’ve stumbled upon this book by accident and don’t know who Robert Ruark was, you’re in for a treat. Ruark was a journalist, author, and big-game hunter who wrote from the late 40s until his death in the mid 60s. He was hugely popular during his lifetime, but now has been almost totally forgotten. . . . This book contains Ruark’s own tale of his first safari in Africa in the early 1950s and is an incredibly entertaining and detailed account of safaris. . . . Ruark discusses the regular comings and goings of the safari, but he talks about a wide range of other topics including his experiences in WWII in the merchant marine, Hollywood safari movies, the habits of various game animals in Africa, a bit about the diverse natives, and a host of other topics. It really is as if you are sitting with Ruark at the end of a hard day hunting enjoying a cocktail around the campfire. For anyone interested in safari hunting or safari literature, this is a must own/must read.”

Customer Reviews

Required reading for everybody before they go on their first safari Review by Ken Bailey/African Hunting Gazette
An admitted novice big game hunter, Robert Ruark went on an African safari for the first time ostensibly on medical orders; his doctor advised that a year’s rest would serve him well and Ruark decided that recommendation would be the impetus to fulfilling a long held dream of hunting Africa. So in the early 1950s, accompanied by his wife, Virginia, he embarked on a two-month safari across what is now Kenya and Tanzania. The tales of their exploits are captured in Horn of the Hunter.

Ruark booked his safari with the Legendary Ker and Downey Safaris, who assigned a young PH, Harry Selby, then 25, to guide their hunt. Horn of the Hunter would not only bring Ruark to newfound prominence as a writer, but also made a celebrity of Selby, who was booked solid for years to come following the release of Ruark’s book.

Horn of the Hunter is much more than just another tale of hunting Africa’s fabled big game, although there are plenty of descriptive sections detailing encounters with lions, elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards, rhinoceros, kudu, and more. What sets Ruark’s writing apart from the pack, however, is his ability to capture the feel and spirit of a safari. He had the ability, and a willingness, to reveal his innermost thoughts while camping and hunting across remote eastern Africa. He details what safari life is like in a truthful and insightful manner that has been captured in few other places within the realm of African hunting literature. His frustrations, fears, anxieties, pride, and elation take turns coming to the fore, and the reader rides along on his roller coaster of emotions.

Horn of the Hunter should be required reading for everybody before they go on their first safari. Sure, times have changed, and you’ll not likely be travelling cross-country in a beaten up old truck, putting up and taking down camps, as you hunt for weeks on end. What hasn’t changed, however, are the emotions you’ll experience, the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the tragedies. After all, it’s those emotions, as much as the game, that make us want to return to Africa again and again.
(Posted on 11/16/2021)
Excellent Historical Reference, Wonderful Stories Told Review by William Thien, Waukesha, WI
If you are looking for a historical reference with magical story telling on dangerous and big game hunting in Africa, this is a excellent choice. I couldn't put it down, reading it during breaks at work and at home.. Fascinating stories and discussions of methods, calibers, and rifles. Definitely worth the money. (Posted on 3/17/2018)

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