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The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking (Sc)

by Cleve Cheney

Tracking is an art form as well as a skilljust ask any hunter who has seen African trackers at work. But it is an art that can be taught and a skill that can be acquired. All mammals, including humans, have behavior patterns that can be learned and even anticipated. Cleve Cheney, a master at tracking both animals and humans, defines tracking as learning to use all your senses to monitor your surroundings... Read More

Ask the Grizzly/Brown Bear Guides

by J. Y. Jones

When writing the manuscript for Ask the Brown Bear/Grizzly Guides, the author discovered far more interest in the big bears than for any of the other animals in the Ask The Guides series so far. The interviews tended to run longer because of the enthusiasm of the guides for the unique hunts they do, and, consequently, the length of this book is noticeably longer. Many of the guides had... Read More

Ask the Namibian Guides

by Diana Rupp

In recent years Namibia has become one of the most popular destinations for safari hunters, both first-timers and old Africa hands alike. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to hunt in this country, this is the book for you. The information comes not from people who have visited there once or twice, but straight from the ultimate...

... Read More
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