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German Hunting Guns of the Golden Era

by Hans Pfingsten

In this book you will find the history of break-open shotguns, rifles, drillings, and other combination guns produced in Germany during the period of 1840-1940. German guns built before 1939 exhibit a high level of quality and finish. Collectors marvel at the subtle lines and superb... Read More

Journals of Andrew J. Stone

by R Margaret Frisina (editor)

New York City was abuzz on 3 April 1903; Andrew J. Stone, world-renowned Arctic explorer and hunter-naturalist, was fted with a dinner/reception at the American Museum of Natural History. The East Mammal Hall was festooned with many specimens obtained by Stone on his three major expeditions into British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Alaska. While Stone was widely known and highly acclaimed in his timeone of the original members... Read More

More Safaris With Bwana Game (Ltd)

by Eric Balson

For those of you who have read Balsons book On Safari with Bwana Game, you will know that he tells an interesting story. Not only was he a PH to the rich and famous, as well as royalty and world leaders, but he also worked for years for game departments. During that time he was charged with shooting some very disagreeable wild animals, such as a hyena that had attacked a young village girl. In the... Read More

Out of Bullets!

by Johnny Chilton

A five-ton elephant swishes its tail, lowers its bulldozer-size forehead, and broadsides into the hunting vehicle of the author and his PH, Roy Carr-Hartley. So starts Johnny Chiltons second book on his African, Asian, and North American hunting adventures. When Chilton went to Africa, he did not go to Tanzania as a mere client... Read More
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