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The Day of the Dead Moon (Audio CD)

by David Rattray

By the late 1800s the British Empire in Africa was nearing its crescent. In Southern Africa one large swath of land was still not under British control: the Zulu Kingdom. No war in colonial Africa, be it French, German, Belgian, or British, has more riveted the imagination than the Zulu War. The Zulu Kingdom, started by the ruthless Shaka, was Englands immediate neighbor in what is today South Africa. In a series of... Read More

Where Lions Roar (Audio CD)

by Craig Boddington

This is Craig Boddington's sequel to From Mt. Kenya to the Cape-the story of Boddington's hunts in the Dark Continent. Since writing his first African book, he has shot big game in Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana-an unparalleled hunting accomplishment. From the steaming jungles of the Congo basin in... Read More

The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter (Audio CD)

by W.D.M. Bell

This is the first book written by W. D. M. Bell, an intrepid adventurer, who was known far and wide as "Karamojo" Bell for his extraordinary elephant-hunting exploits in the Karamoja province of Uganda and elsewhere. Wanderings, considered by many to be the greatest of all elephant books by the greatest of all elephant hunters, is a series of elephant-hunting essays and stories from the glory days of... Read More
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