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The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs (Sc)

by Phil Massaro

Any self-respecting big game hunter owns—or should own—Dr. Kevin Robertson’s The Perfect Shot, for hunting African animals, and its sister volume, Craig Boddington’s The Perfect Shot North America.  These two books have become invaluable for the traveling sportsman and sportswoman seeking to become familiar with shot placement, habits, and suitable firearm choices for hunting many of the most popular mammals throughout the two continents. Safari Press has now teamed up with notable author and international big-game hunter Philip Massaro to bring you a volume on the ultimate hunting adventure: The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs.

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Deadly Encounters

by Craig Boddington

Boddington has done a masterful job of unearthing the facts and sometimes gory details of what happens when a nasty with sharp teeth, strong claws, blunt hoofs, or colossal strength decides to close in on a hunter and see the business through to a bloody, pulpy end. His stories of hunts gone wrong include wild lions or those found in enclosures; bull elephants in musth or cranky cows on the defensive; leopards who do not take kindly to being shot; bears-no matter what size or color; and "tame" water buffaloes that have taken over the neighborhood and now see humans as intruders. 

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To Heck with it, I'm Going Hunting

by Arnold Alward (with Bill Quimby)

After the deaths of his father, mother, sister, and daughter in a short period of time, Arnold Alward of New Brunswick sold his businesses and spent the next eighteen years hunting, taking nearly all the world's important big-game species, which eventually won him the Weatherby Award. During the course of his hunts, he shot a Grand Slam and a Super Slam of Sheep and the Big Five as well... Read More


by Hossein Soudy Golabchi

At Safari Press we have only published a few sheep hunting books in the past. However, those few have been by most standards the best sheep hunting books published in the last forty years. And we are adding one more, this time by Soudy Golabchi. There is no person we know of who has hunted in the Pamirs for Marco Polo more than Soudy. Besides having numerous poli over 60 inches, he has hunted sheep in just about every... Read More

Sixty Years a Hunter

by Bill Quimby

To the hunting world Bill Quimby is best known as the longtime editor of SCIs Safari magazine. In this position Quimby had the chance to hunt on multiple continents for all the sundry game animals found there. In this book he tells us of hunts across North and South America; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and other parts of Africa; Spain; Mongolia; and New Zealand. Also included is Quimbys successful... Read More

Royal Quest

by Bill Quimby

His Imperial Highness Prince Abdorreza of Iran was an internationally known big-game hunter famous for his startling world records and the diverse nature of his hunts. He began his hunting career at an early age on the outskirts of Teheran, shooting birds and rabbits; from there he graduated to the most stellar hunting career ever seen. Prince Abdorreza was the first hunter after WWII to hunt Marco Polo sheep in... Read More

A Hunting Life and Two Exploratory Asian Hunts

by Robert Speegle

Written in English and Spanish, this book by Weatherby Award winner Robert Speegle is the account of two of his most memorable hunts: his 1976 hunt in Tibet for Tibetan argali and his 1984 hunt for markhor in Pakistan. In addition, there are hunts for Spanish ibex and Spanish red stag, but the two Asian hunts are the mainstay of the book. The Tibetan hunt is a unique endeavor; only James Mellon, Lit Ng, Art Carlsberg, and a very few other intrepid souls have hunted and shot the Tibetan argali, which is the specimen Bob Speegle got on his 1976 hunt. And what a specimen! It is the biggest head listed in the SCI record... Read More
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