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by Hossein Soudy Golabchi

At Safari Press we have only published a few sheep hunting books in the past. However, those few have been by most standards the best sheep hunting books published in the last forty years. And we are adding one more, this time by Soudy Golabchi. There is no person we know of who has hunted in the Pamirs for Marco Polo more than Soudy. Besides having numerous poli over 60 inches, he has hunted sheep in just about every... Read More

Royal Quest

by Bill Quimby

His Imperial Highness Prince Abdorreza of Iran was an internationally known big-game hunter famous for his startling world records and the diverse nature of his hunts. He began his hunting career at an early age on the outskirts of Teheran, shooting birds and rabbits; from there he graduated to the most stellar hunting career ever seen. Prince Abdorreza was the first hunter after WWII to hunt Marco Polo sheep in... Read More


by Lana Munroe

by Lana Munroe

2021 Long Beach, 433pp, color photos, illustrations by Larry Norton, 6x9, hardcover
Limited to 26 lettered A-Z, signed and leatherbound copies 

After Lana Munroe and her husband, Jack, had a serious scare with cancer, they decided to live life to the fullest by traveling and hunting around the world. Their greatest adventures are collected in this book, which features 12 enjoyable vignettes written in a vivid and entertaining style.

In Mozambique, there are more adventures in the arrival hall than there are on the first few days of the hunt. Having dealt with sundry corrupt officials and retrieving “lost” passports, the duo are on their way to the bush, where they will have to sort out a buffalo wounded by a poacher.

... Read More
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