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To Heck with it, I'm Going Hunting

by Arnold Alward (with Bill Quimby)

After the deaths of his father, mother, sister, and daughter in a short period of time, Arnold Alward of New Brunswick sold his businesses and spent the next eighteen years hunting, taking nearly all the world's important big-game species, which eventually won him the Weatherby Award. During the course of his hunts, he shot a Grand Slam and a Super Slam of Sheep and the Big Five as well... Read More

Memoirs of a Hunter

by Friedrich Remmler

This fascinating book takes the reader back in time to the days of tsarist Russia and a style of hunting that will never be seen againdays when hunters ran down lynx on skis, golden eagles were deployed to kill wolves, and Russian royalty gathered on massive estates for wolf and bear hunts with Russian wolfhounds. In a style both riveting and entertaining, Friedrich Remmler takes the reader along on hunts at a... Read More

A Hunting Life and Two Exploratory Asian Hunts

by Robert Speegle

Written in English and Spanish, this book by Weatherby Award winner Robert Speegle is the account of two of his most memorable hunts: his 1976 hunt in Tibet for Tibetan argali and his 1984 hunt for markhor in Pakistan. In addition, there are hunts for Spanish ibex and Spanish red stag, but the two Asian hunts are the mainstay of the book. The Tibetan hunt is a unique endeavor; only James Mellon, Lit Ng, Art Carlsberg, and a very few other intrepid souls have hunted and shot the Tibetan argali, which is the specimen Bob Speegle got on his 1976 hunt. And what a specimen! It is the biggest head listed in the SCI record... Read More
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