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British Cartridge Manufacturers

William Harding


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This is a reference book written for collectors, and it contains much historical information that, in many instances, would have been lost forever had it not been documented here. Many of the companies that once produced these collectors items no longer exist. The aim of this book, which is the third and last of a series, is to record data on these cartridge manufacturers and loaders, of which today only a handful ...
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Including Ironmongers and Gunsmiths
by William Harding

2012 London, 288pp, color photos, 8.5x11, hardcover, dj
ISBN: 978-1-84689-145-8

There is a growing number of cartridge collectors, particularly those interested in paper shotgun cartridges. As the demand for old cartridge specimens has grown so has their value and numerous specimens are now over one hundred years old and are getting harder to find each year.

This reference book for collectors contains a rich mine of historical information that has never been recorded in any other book. It covers, among many others the following British firms; Daw, Joyce, Nobel, Greenwood and Batley, Remington & Union Metallic Cartridges, Hull Cartridges, Cogswell and Harrison, Schutze, Hellis, and a slew of others. Most of these companies, who once produced these collectors' items, no longer exist and if it was not for the author's efforts their histories would have been lost.

The book is chock-full of historical photos showing the inside the of the factories with workers, machinery and peculiar equipment used the make these cartridges. There are also period advertisements, scores of contemporary color images of metallic and paper cartridges, in all hundreds of illustrations. In addition there are maps, tables, charts, detailed lists of manufacturers and their products and a great many head-stamp drawings, all of which a delight for the collector and anybody who is interested in the history of the British arms industry from the Victorian era forward.

This book deals with all British sporting manufactures with the exception of Ely and the Birmingham makers which were covered in previous books by the author.

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