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The African Adventurers

Peter Capstick


Available July 2020

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The sequel to Death in Silent Places brings a close-up look at four turn-of-the-twentieth-century adventurers from Africa: Frederick Selous, Constantine "Iodine" Ionides, John Boyes (King of the Wa-Kikuyu) and James Sutherland. All four made significant impacts on the history of Africa and its hunting.

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A Return to the Silent Places
by Peter Capstick

1992 New York, 244pp, illus., 6x9, hardcover, dj
ISBN: 978-0-312-07622-1

Peter Capstick has been hailed as the adventure-writing successor to Hemingway and Ruark. Only Capstick “can write action as cleanly and suspensefully as the best of his predecessors” (Sports Illustrated). This sequel to Death in the Silent Places brings to life four turn-of-the-century adventurers and the savage frontiers they braved.

  • Frederick Selous, a British hunter, naturalist, and soldier, rewrote the history books with his fearless treks deep into Africa.
  • English game ranger Constantine “Iodine” Ionides saved Tanganyikan villages from man-eating lions and leopards. He also gained lasting fame for his uncanny ability to capture black mambas, cobras, Gaboon vipers, and other deadly snakes.
  • The dashing Brit Johnny Boyes who gained the chieftainship of the Kikuyu tribe with sheer bravado and survived the ferocious battles and ambushes of intertribal warfare.
  • And Scottish ex-boxer, Jim Sutherland, one of the best ivory hunters who ever lived. His tracking skills and stamina afoot became the stuff of African hunting legend.

If you are a Capstick fan, you’ll relish The African Adventurers: A Return to the Silent Places, his eleventh book. Once again he delivers “the kind of chilling stories that Hemingway only heard second-hand...with a flair and style that Papa himself would admire” (Guns and Ammo). The author’s pungent wit and his authenticity gained from years in the bush make this quartet of vintage heroics an unforgettable return to the silent places.


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