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That's Africa

by Anno Hecker

Anno Hecker arrived in Tanzania in 1955, fell in love with Africa, and decided to stay. He applied for a job with the tsetse department as a field officer, served as a tsetse control officer and an honorary game warden, and taught at the Game Warden Training Centre, College of African Wildlife Management. In the 1980s, when a friend wounded an elephant, he asked his professional hunter, a Masai, whether he... Read More

Mzee Never Miss

by William Pritchard

One of the ironies of the hunting world is that, by the time many hunters have enough money and time to go on long, expensive hunts, they feel they are too old to do so. William R. Dr. Bill Pritchard, however, blows this assumption out of the water. His new book, Mzee Never Miss, is subtitled How to do the hard hunts in your 60s, 70s, and 80s, and Pritchard has done just that, going on numerous mountain... Read More

Legends of the African Frontier

by David Chandler

David Chandler has spent the last twelve years completing a book of biographical sketches on all of Africas early adventurers, explorers, big-game hunters, and ivory poachers, both obscure and well known. Whether they were the worst scoundrels, thieves, and liars, or those who legitimately came to make the continent better by trying to abolish the slave trade, 1,200 in all are listedstarting with Abbott, Doctor William... Read More

Elephant Hunters, Men of Legend

by Tony Sanchez-Arino

Tony Sanchez is quite likely the worlds most prominent living elephant hunter, and in this book he delves into the exploits and adventures of the famous elephant hunters of yesteryear: Walter Bell, John Hunter, Mickey Norton, Bill Buckley, Robert Foran, James Sutherland, and so on. He also discusses those obscure elephant hunters who shot as many if not more tuskers but who are not as well known, simply because they... Read More

African Game Trails

by Theodore Roosevelt

There are safaris and then there are safaris, and it is in the latter category that the African hunt of Teddy Roosevelt and his son Kermit definitely falls. Leaving New York harbor in March 1909, the pair set forth via ship and arrived in Mombasa, Kenya Colony. After their arrival, they took the railroad to Nairobi where a virtual whos who of Kenya came to pay their respects to the... Read More

The Winds of Havoc

by Fiona Capstick

When eight-year-old Adelino Serras Pires first arrived on a boat from Portugal in 1936, Mozambique was a tropical paradise, where native tribes and Portuguese colonists lived in harmony and where vast wilderness areas held the promise of endless excitement. A few weeks into Adelino's new life, his father took him along on a successful hunt for man-eating lions that had been terrorizing... Read More

Africa's Most Dangerous

by Kevin Doctari Robertson

Kevin Doctari Robertson is one of Africas best-known authors and the originator of the idea of showing a ghost view of the vital organs on African big game. His books have sold tens of thousands of copies. In this brand-new book with all original materials, Doctari has produced the most comprehensive guide to shot placement for the African buffalo... Read More

African Epic

by Richard Harland

Richard Harland caught up with Paul Grobler when the latter was in his eighties, and he persuaded Grobler to tell his story for this book. Grobler, born in 1922, did not start hunting in Rhodesia till 1945, and he shot his last elephant in 1990. During this period, exactly forty-five years, he is reputed to have shot more elephants than any other... Read More

The Perfect Shot II

by Kevin Robertson

Kevin "Doctari" Robertson's best-selling book on shot placement for African game, The Perfect Shot, has now been completely revised and updated with extensive additions to the text; 300 all-new photos of the animals covered; and revised, detailed anatomical drawings. The Perfect Shot II also has shot-placement details for a number of species not covered in the original edition, including... Read More

Weatherby Awards Booklet #51

by Weatherby

This special commemorative book was produced in limited quantities, primarily for guests at the fifty-first anniversary of the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award ceremony held 22 January 2008 at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada. As such, it is both a digest and an update of two previous volumes, The Weatherby: Stories from the Premier Big-Game Hunters of the World 1956-2002 (edited by Nancy Vokins, Safari Press, 2004) and The Weatherby Hunting and... Read More

The Selous in Africa

by Robert Ross

The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is one of the last remaining great wilderness areas in Africa. Encompassing more area than Switzerland and proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, the Selous is Africa's oldest and largest protected area and remains one of the continent's greatest undisturbed ecosystems. Teeming with life-including elephants, giraffe, more lions than any other protected area on the continent, large packs... Read More
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