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Safari Guide 2007-2008 (Sc)

by Peter Flack (editor)

Have you ever wondered how to import your firearm to Africa? Do you know how many firearms you are allowed to take? What about ammunition? What inoculations are recommended for what country? Have you researched the hunting blocks in the countries you want to visit on your next safari? What animals can be legally hunted in each country? Do you know what the official trophy fees are in... Read More

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Bwana Babu

by Dr. Joseph Greenfield

Many hunters have gone to Africa, but Dr. Greenfield went to Africa with a different attitude. He wanted to learn more about the continent and its wildlife . . . and he wanted to hunt buffalo. First stop, the Serengeti. He became so enthralled with hunting Africas "Black Death" that he immediately signed up for another Cape buffalo hunt. Gradually he began to hunt other game, specifically elephant and lion... Read More

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A Hunter's Guide to Aging Lions in Eastern & Southern Africa

by Karyl Whitman and Craig Packer

In recent years, the population numbers of the wild African lion have become a cause of concern. These large cats are under increasing pressure from habitat destruction and livestock owners. Antihunters have used this as an opportunity to try to shut down lion hunting, a move that would make the survival chances of the wild African lion much worse. In an effort to promote responsible and sustainable harvests of older male lions, Conservation Force has asked Safari Press to publish this field guide. Designed with a lay-flat binding, it is intended to be taken on a lion hunt... Read More

Outdoors Stupid from around the World (Sc)

by Bob Bell

Outdoors Stupid from around the World takes the reader on adventures throughout the world with a whole new cast of characters who continue the tradition of questionable judgment and bad luck. In Alaska, the main factors that can kill you include environmental hazards such as weather, terrain, and cold water; from critters, the main danger comes from bears.  

... Read More
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