Jackalope Hunting Permit

While going through the Sports Afield archives, we found a hunting permit for the elusive Jackalope. The following is the description that came with the permit issued by the Douglas, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce:

The Jackalope is perhaps the rarest animal in North America.  The strange animal defies classification.  Were it not for the horns, it might be a large rabbit.  Were it not for its shape and coloring, it might be a species of antelope.  It is not vicious usually, although, coyotes have a keen respect for its short horns, and they maintain a healthy distance from this creature.

The first white man to see this singular fauna specimen was a trapper named Roy Ball in 1829.  When he told of it later he was promptly denounced as a liar. 

An odd trait of the Jackalope is its ability to imitate the human voice of cowboys singing to their herds at night. Many wranglers have been startled to hear their lonesome melodies repeated faithfully from some nearby hillside. The phantom echo comes from the throat of some Jacalope.  They sing only on dark nights just before a thunderstorm.  Stories that they sometimes get together and sign in chorus is discounted by those who know them best.