Hossein “Soudy” Golabchi passed away on Friday, 22 January 2021 after battling pneumonia for several months.  He was born in  1941 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Soudy graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  He moved to the United States permanently after the Iranian revolution with his wife, Margot, and started a real-estate development company in Georgia.

Soudy’s book, Obsessed!, describes his prolific adventures hunting sheep, and the title is appropriate. There is no person we know of who hunted in the Pamirs for Marco Polo more than Soudy. Besides taking numerous poli over 60 inches, he hunted sheep in just about every other conceivable place on earth, and he holds a number of world records as well as numerous top-ten heads. Soudy took all varieties of sheep and ibex in the world from the Putorana snow sheep of the Russian Arctic to the Laristan mouflon of the Persian Gulf. He went on more than two hundred trips in search of sheep and ibex, including three trips to Mongolia, innumerable trips to Central Asia, and more than twenty trips to the Pamir Mountains for Marco Polo sheep.  He had forty-three varieties of wild sheep and twenty-four wild goats (Capra) to his name, including several world records.  Soudy also enjoyed hunting in Africa, taking eighteen safaris and collecting at least two hundred animals, including the Big Five. A 2000 Weatherby Award nominee, he hunted on six continents during a full and adventurous lifetime.

Soudy took ths 64" Marco Polo argali in Prince Valley