Phil Massaro

Congratualations to Phil Massaro for being named the 2019 John T. Amber Literary Award winner.  The John T. Amber Literary Award is presented each year to a Gun Digest contributor whose work demonstrates significant knowledge of the subject matter through experience and research, and also for the ability to express it in a way to inform, inspire and entertain the annual’s readers.

Phil Massaro is the author of the new Safari Press book just released this month, The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs.  The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs covers twenty dinosaur species, their habits and physiology, hunting methods, and the proper choice of firearm for each hunting scenario, and, of course, there’s a ghost view that exposes the vitals for each. From the mighty Mosasaur and horrific Quetzalcoatlus to the more popular Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and, yes, even the Tyrannosaurus Rex, all are covered within the covers of The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs.

The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs